The Saga of Miles Forrest

The morning rush was about over.  Charlie Gold was sitting at the table with me along with Doc Jones.  There tends to be more customers this time of year on into spring as mines lay off many of their workers and just keep a skeleton crew going.  That’s one way the mines save money and cheat the working miner.  Some of the wiser miners keep some money for the hard times, but many of them throw it away on the vices that are offered in Silverton and Durango, and even as far as Telluride.
    “So,” said Doc after he scratched at his ear and took a sip of coffee, “do you think those three galoots were involved in the train robbery?”
    I replied with a nod, “I think it’s highly possible.  I plan to have a talk with John Lamb after we finish here.  Sure wish they hadn’t come for James so quickly, but they wanted to get him to Denver.”
    “I’m not,” uttered Charlie.  “I’m glad he’s out of my hands.  You know, he was always a little haughty with his manner, but somewhere along the way it’s turned to downright hatred.”
    “Probably right after Doc had to cut his arm off,” I responded.
    “One thing for sure,” offered Doc, “there’s no love lost when it come to you, Miles.”
    “Where do you think Sam Fooy is hold up?” questioned Charlie.
    Giving a shrug he said, “Fooy is no fool.  He makes a big haul and then lies low, sometimes for a year or more.  He likes spending his money more than the prospect of gettin’ caught and windin’ up in prison.  Plus, this last time someone was killed and that’s not the way that Fooy normally operates.”  
    I got up to get some more coffee and after pouring my cup full I turned to the others.  “Either of you want a refill?”
    “Maybe if I had a piece of pie,” muttered Charlie.  “I just can’t believe that Molly done run out of pie.”
    “More out of work miners hangin’ ’round,” I replied.
    “Yeah, and they’re keeping the jail full,” said Charlie in disgust.  “Tempers are flaring, and when the real cold weather sets in they’ll be wanting to be arrested so they can feed on the county.”
    I took a sip, then wiped off my moustache.  “Ha, speakin’ of the county, how is Olson takin’ it that he was voted off the city council?”
    That brought a grunt from Doc, then Charlie answered.  “Like a sore tooth.  Swore that those Mexicans shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  If we hadn’t been at the polling booths his ruffians would have run them off.”
    “Yeah, they weren’t about to argue with a Greener,” I said with a smile.
    “And McCall has taken the job as marshal.  He’ll start the first of the year,” added Charlie.  “That’ll sure help me out.  Some of these outlyin’ communities need some looking into.  Only Silverton has a marshal, and they don’t seem to stay around long.”
    “I was surprised that Giles Fremont took on the position,” I stated then pulled on my moustache a couple of times.  “Not sure if it’s good that the three men on the council are all store-owners.”
    Doc coughed to clear his throat.  “Say, how did Lucas like his trip?”
    I saw Charlie roll his eyes, “That’s all he talks about.  How he discovered that Micah Teeter was a wanted man.”
    “He did fine, except that he had to have a second strawberry ice cream soda,” I said shaking my head.  “I think he might have become too fond of the stuff.”
    That brought a laugh from both of them.  “I might have to jerk his collar a bit.  He hasn’t filled the wood box.  Just because he went on a trip and saw some fine things doesn’t mean that he can shirk his regular chores.”
    “If I see him, I make sure to let him know,” stated Charlie.
    Molly came out of the kitchen to join us for a few minutes.  She wouldn’t be staying long, just a minute or two to get off her feet.  The noon rush would be coming soon.
    Just before she sat down, the front door opened.  “Well, will you look here?” she blurted.
    In through the door hobbled John Lamb.  With his condition Charlie and I agreed that he could be under house arrest.  But now, he was out of the house.
    I wanted to talk with him…now I wouldn’t have to go looking for him…