Echoes From the Campfire

Darkness is fear’s companion.”
              –Forrest Byrant Johnson

    “And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”
              –John 1:5 (NKJV)
There is a person who is being touted for the position of Vice-President who has in the past made the statement, “I have never been proud of America.”  Another person, who served in a prominent position, asked a question scoffing, “When was America ever great?”  I experienced a simple gesture of this country’s greatness the other day with almost 150 Texans while standing on a bridge over the San Jacinto River.  For a few seconds the Blue Angels passed over; a simple gesture, but symbolic of those working on the front lines during this troublesome time.  When was America great?  When we looked up and saw those planes fly over and we cheered and ahhd.
    Tyranny is almost always bad, especially if it represents a totalitarian regime.  This date, 75 years ago, can be pointed to and shown as a time when the United States was great.  It was V-E Day, Victory in Europe, victory over the tyrannical fascist regime of Adolf Hitler and all of his brutal and bizarre ideas.  It was the end of a great struggle with the blood spilled by thousands of young boys.  The final message regarding the surrender of NAZI Germany was delivered by Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower in a manner that was typical of his concise, straightforward style.

           “The mission of the Allied Force was fulfilled at 0241, local time, May 7th, 1945.”

Simple statement, but look at the words that stand out.  “Mission…was fulfilled.”  Watching the flyover, reading those simple yet significant words, there is no doubt in my mind when America was great.  There are pundits, revisionists who are now trying to say that what has been called the “Greatest Generation” should be changed to the “working generation.”  The generation who went out to face the imperial forces of fascism, gave their blood, and now they call to take away this distinction–nonsense!
    But let me remind you, that tyranny comes in other ways besides fascist/socialist governments.  There may be the tyranny of addictions.  The urge so strong that it takes a supreme effort to overcome it.  There is the tyranny of evil that is rampant in many cities and locations where wicked men go out to bully and murder on a whim.  There is the tyranny of racism and maybe even worse the tyranny of using racism as an excuse for actions or nonactions.  There is a demonic tyranny of hatred and other forces that are running rampant, attempting to devour whomever it may.  There is the tyranny of fear.  
    One day all of us will stand at the throne of God to be judged.  Whatever tyranny one may have faced in life, whatever sorrows, sufferings and scars that may have been your lot will be on display.  Did you show cowardice?  Will you be able to say to the Lord and Master:  “Here I am, mission fulfilled!”?