The Daily Paine

To raise a child without shame is to raise one with no immune system against evil…. To remove shame is to perpetuate evil even toward the ones we love.”
–Ravi Zacharias

“Our safety is in having lofty ideals, and in constant labor to secure their realization. Let the getting of money be a man’s ideal, and he will of necessity grow toward the dust; let a man hunger and thirst after the kingdom of God, and he will grow into strength and enjoy an unspeakable peace.”
–Joseph Parker

One thing a person learns very quickly if they are being properly trained is that there are consequences for mistakes. The time to begin to teach this is when raising children; the consequences are not nearly so severe. As one gains age, seemingly the consequences of their actions become more acute and harsh.
Parents, for some reason, want to protect their children from the reality of life. Now some of that is understandable, but most of the time it is because they do not want to be embarrassed. Most of the time when I have met with parents over the thirty-nine years of my teaching experience there came forth excuse or blame. The purpose of conferences was to help the child, find a solution, find a reason for the action or behavior.
If parents, really if all of us, truly sought the kingdom of God many problems would be solved. What did Jesus mean when He said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” (Matthew 5:6, NASB)? We get too caught up with the drive for success, or the trophies and ribbons, or the honor roll, or standing ovations and the accolades that we forget the spiritual aspect. What do these things have to do with the kingdom of God?
Too often we seek the things of the world. We seek false success and pseudo fame. Are we giving our souls and that of our family over to the world simply because we do not seek after righteousness. In fact, most of the time the cry goes out “legalism” when one begins to talk of living a righteous life.
Let this year, 2017, be one where the kingdom of God is sought. Let us seek after righteousness and put aside worldly affections. What is honorable not what is expedient. What brings glory to God not what can I get out of it. Seek ye first….

“But first and most importantly seek (aim at, strive after) His kingdom and His righteousness [His way of doing and being right—the attitude and character of God], and all these things will be given to you also.”
–Matthew 6:33 (AMP)